Would You Like Some Creamcheese With Your Bagelhead?

Bagelheads by Kokor Hekkus
Bagelheads, a photo by Kokor Hekkus on Flickr.

As A New Yorker, I love bagels…but on my head? No thank you. While Hollywood’s known for their botox, Japan’s got the latest trend: saline forehead injections.

To be a “bagelhead,” people travel from all over the world to have a needle stuck in their forehead. During the 2 hour procedure, saline is injected into the forehead and a lump forms. Once the lump is to the suggested size, a finger is pressed into the forehead to form a “bagel.”

The procedure only lasts 16-24 hours, but for these trendsetters, the pain is a virtue. Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, but really, what will they think of next?


McSteamy Breaks Hearts For A Final Time

As if I didn’t die inside enough when Lexi (Chyler Leigh) made a heartbreaking exit from Grey’s Anatomy in the last episode of season 8, Thursday night killed me as well as any other Grey’s fan as we were forced to mourn the loss of McSteamy himself, Mark Sloan (Eric Dane).

Creator Shonda Rhimes explained on her blog yesterday afternoon, “’For me, this [death] is the most tragic. I’m VERY attached to Mark Sloan. He’s part of the fabric of the show.'” And that he is…or was.

Grey’s Anatomy has had its share of devastating deaths over the years, from car crashes to gun shots, but this plane crash has got to be the most dramatic situation Seattle Grace has had to endeavor. It’s rumored that this may be the last season of Grey’s Anatomy, and though my life will feel incomplete once this saga comes to an end, Shonda Rhimes will always be a legend as she always knows how to keep us fans hanging and let her characters go out with a bang.

RIP Mark Sloan

The End Of A Boo-Bootiful Season

Honey Boo Boo by Eudaemonius
Honey Boo Boo, a photo by Eudaemonius on Flickr.

Bye Bye Boo Boo. Tonight TLC will air the hour-long finale of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” at 10/9 c and I am feeling sad as a sugarplum. Besides the fact that I don’t know what I’m going to do without my Sugarbear or Chubbs before season two, let me just say that this family has changed my life forever. They prove that you can just be yourself, and even though 7 year old Alana isn’t as prim and proper as other “Toddlers and Tiaras” contestants, she definitely is a pageant diva.

I gotta praise these redneck, roadkill lovin’ people for having no shame and being a proud, loving family all day, everyday, no matter how much gas is passed around.

During the premiere season, “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” had such great ratings that it topped the RNC, a landmark that some folk weren’t too please about. As much as this family has received bad rap for being completely unscripted and way too “hick,” it is rumored that for season 2, the go-go juice drinking queen and her family will be receiving $10,000 per episode, which is HUGE considering this season they only got $1,000.

Now don’t let this increase in pay get you thinking that June’s gonna let the girls run wild; this clan will be rollin’ in mud and livin’ their lives as normally…and sanitary as they always have.

Ke$ha Won’t Be Dying Young

This morning, Ke$ha debuted her new single Die Young,” and I am obsessed! Even my sister who hates Ke$ha’s music loved it after her first time hearing it, so this is obviously a great new song. Some people criticize Ke$ha’s wild party-girl antics, and after many thought she died out after her 2 year hiatus, she is ready to come back with a bang! Her 3rd album Warrior plans to hit the shelves December 3rd, and while it originally had a 2011 debut, Ke$ha told Calgery Herald that she wanted to work on it long enough to “reinvent pop music.” Well it certainly seems like it’s going to be reinvented: while we’re used to hearing party-pop anthems from the singer, this album is going to have more of a rock feel. So while you anticipate the glitter and the glam, sit back, brush your teeth with a bottle of Jack, and check out “Die Young.”

Is The President Headed To Washington Or Hollywood?

Politics or Hollytics? Presidential candidates have always had their share of celebrity followers: Anne Hathaway and Ben Stiller supported the Clinton Foundation, while Patricia Heaton and Lee Ann Womack were (possibly the only) supporters of Bush. As an American, we all have the right and responsibility to vote, and while it is advised that we declare ourselves as a Democrat, Republican, Independent, or Libertarian, there is a fine line between being a supporter and a friend. Especially now, when the election is right around the corner, there is heated controversy over the fact that celebrities and politicians are mixing business with pleasure, so much so that the President himself is being seen as a celebrity.

Since the days of John F. Kennedy, Presidents and their families have appeared on different talk shows, in celebrity magazines, and even late night comedy shows. While Nixon was seen as “the greatest celebrity President,” the current line between politician and celebrity is beginning to blur. Not only is Michelle Obama being praised for her fashion, but the latest conflict deepened when President Obama agreed to appear on The View. Many are arguing that the President isn’t focusing on vital issues going on right now in The Middle East, and CBS News reports that even celebrity supporters, such as Bruce Springsteen, agree that he isn’t being “a professional campaigner.”

There have been a bunch of celebrities who have shown up for both the Democratic and National Conventions; some even spoke about important issues at them and showed their support for the candidates. According to CBS News, “Ross K. Baker, a political science professor at Rutgers University, said, ‘If they get a celebrity in there, the cameras will follow and what might have been a hidden or invisible issue will suddenly become a matter of public discussion.’” While it is a good thing that celebrities, such as Beyonce “believe in [Obama’s] vision,” he should be more focused on protecting our country than partying it up at the 40/40 club. Obama might lead 50% to Romney’s 47%, but I personally think that Obama’s Hollywood antics are going to cost him more than Governor Romney’s controversial “47%” video.

Aaron Paul For The Win!

Aaron Paul by Marich Terz
Aaron Paul, a photo by Marich Terz on Flickr.

So among the many winners tonight at the 64th Annual Emmy’s, my favorite has been the one, the only, Jesse Pinkman himself. Aaron Paul won himself his 2nd Emmy tonight as supporting actor, beating out co-star Giancarlo Esposito, last year’s winner Peter Dinklage, Jared Harris, Brendan Coyle and Jim Carter. While Paul has won more than just an Emmy this year- he recently got engaged to girlfriend Lauren Parsekian- this has got to be a bittersweet win, considering Breaking Bad ended part 1 of their final season this past summer. I’m going to be heartbroken next summer when the hit AMC show comes to an end, but I think we can all agree that Vince Gilligan did us all good by keeping Jesse Pinkman’s character around. As Paul stated in his speech, “Thank you so much for not killing me off. That was the plan.” Congratulations to Aaron and all the winners. Yeah, bitch!

Save The Polar Bears, Save The World

Ending Its Summer Melt, Arctic Sea Ice Sets a New Low That Leads to Warnings

I want to take a minute to talk about a very serious issue that’s been happening to our planet, but needs to be discussed.

I just read an article on nytimes.com that stated that sea ice has decreased from 29% in 2007 to 24%, as documented yesterday. This means that temperatures were so hot over the summer that our sea level is increasing in arctic areas that should be considered “the earth’s air-conditioner” (Walt Meier).

What our society doesn’t realize is that we need to limit carbon emissions; we need to decrease greenhouse gases but we don’t think that we can make a difference. Almost everyone I know who doesn’t recycle uses the excuse, “Well if everyone else does it, I don’t need to do it,” but if that’s everyone’s excuse, then there will be no recycling.

The truth is that every single person on this planet can make a difference, and it’s come to the point where making a difference is more of a necessity than an added bonus. I know I sound like a total treehugger right now, but if we don’t change our lifestyles, then global warming will take over and it won’t just be the polar bears who will be going extinct.

Please take the time to read this article, and realize that we have 4 seasons for a reason, and if we mess around with mother nature any longer, than we won’t be around to clean up the mess we made.

Hanson Makes A Comeback… As A Coverband?

Well looks like Hanson’s making a comeback…or at least trying to. As their Australian tour continues through September 22, they have paused promotion of their new album Shout it Out for a mere 2 minutes 52 seconds to make a cover of one of the most popular songs of the fall! As the 90’s version of the Jonas Brothers, Hanson hasn’t done much since their “Mmm Bop” days, but their cover of Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” might just be the big break they need to make it in the 21st century.  I was never a fan of Hanson, so much so that my friends and I used to think of their name as a curse word- forbidden and dangerous (Team Backstreet & N’Sync)! However, now as an adult, I have matured enough to allow myself to hear their name without a shiver down my spine, and it turns out, they actually have a pretty good sound. It also helps that they have definitely aged nicely over the years, but only time will tell if their career will make a comeback. Even if the album flops in the U.S., at least we know they can make it as Youtube sensations.

“Celebrity” Knock-Out

20 Casey by Aussiecriminals
20 Casey, a photo by Aussiecriminals on Flickr.

Just when you thought you were safe, she’s back.

After hearing little to no information about Casey Anthony in the past year or so, there are rumors that she will be coming out of her Florida hiding to compete in a Celebrity boxing tournament.

CBS Miami reports that that Damon Feldman wants to personally pay Anthony $10,000 as well as give her favorite charity another $10,000 to “fight” Michell “Bombshell McGee.” The irony in this is that Anthony doesn’t seem like much of a charitable person. She may have received a non-guilty verdict, but her sneaky ways and lies make me, and probably half of America believe that she took a lot more than she gave.

Radar Online set a date for the possible match, and even though her commitment isn’t in stone, Casey Anthony has a good chance of being knocked out. My biggest problem with this competition is that she is being considered a celebrity; if a tried baby-killer is now on the same popularity level as Hollywood’s hottest just because the jury found her not guilty, then there needs to be a complete societal reevaluation. Looks Like Casey Anthony got the fame she always strived for, which proves that this world’s separate view of infamy and fame is clearly blurred. If there’s one thing I’d say to the “Bombshell,” it’d be, knock her out. Do it for Caylee.

Broadway Sensation Hits The Small Screen

Andrew Rannells by nick step
Andrew Rannells, a photo by nick step on Flickr.

I absolutely HAVE to take a moment to talk about one of Hollywood’s break-through stars and my new favorite actor, Andrew Rannells. If you’ve seen the brilliant Tony-winning musical Book of Mormon, you might recognize Rannells as leading man Elder Kevin Price. Well now it’s time for Andrew to move on down to Hollywood as he stars as the rich, stylish, and cocky Bryan Collins in Ryan Murphy’s new hit comedy The New Normal. The DL is that Rannells and partner Justin Bartha are having a baby via surrogate, so if you’re into laughing out loud and admiring his perfect complexion for 30 minutes a week, then this is the show for you. Looks like Rannells is going to be the new “IT” man for both the gays and the straights, so check him out every Tuesday at 9:30 on NBC.