“Celebrity” Knock-Out

20 Casey by Aussiecriminals
20 Casey, a photo by Aussiecriminals on Flickr.

Just when you thought you were safe, she’s back.

After hearing little to no information about Casey Anthony in the past year or so, there are rumors that she will be coming out of her Florida hiding to compete in a Celebrity boxing tournament.

CBS Miami reports that that Damon Feldman wants to personally pay Anthony $10,000 as well as give her favorite charity another $10,000 to “fight” Michell “Bombshell McGee.” The irony in this is that Anthony doesn’t seem like much of a charitable person. She may have received a non-guilty verdict, but her sneaky ways and lies make me, and probably half of America believe that she took a lot more than she gave.

Radar Online set a date for the possible match, and even though her commitment isn’t in stone, Casey Anthony has a good chance of being knocked out. My biggest problem with this competition is that she is being considered a celebrity; if a tried baby-killer is now on the same popularity level as Hollywood’s hottest just because the jury found her not guilty, then there needs to be a complete societal reevaluation. Looks Like Casey Anthony got the fame she always strived for, which proves that this world’s separate view of infamy and fame is clearly blurred. If there’s one thing I’d say to the “Bombshell,” it’d be, knock her out. Do it for Caylee.


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