Hanson Makes A Comeback… As A Coverband?

Well looks like Hanson’s making a comeback…or at least trying to. As their Australian tour continues through September 22, they have paused promotion of their new album Shout it Out for a mere 2 minutes 52 seconds to make a cover of one of the most popular songs of the fall! As the 90’s version of the Jonas Brothers, Hanson hasn’t done much since their “Mmm Bop” days, but their cover of Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” might just be the big break they need to make it in the 21st century.  I was never a fan of Hanson, so much so that my friends and I used to think of their name as a curse word- forbidden and dangerous (Team Backstreet & N’Sync)! However, now as an adult, I have matured enough to allow myself to hear their name without a shiver down my spine, and it turns out, they actually have a pretty good sound. It also helps that they have definitely aged nicely over the years, but only time will tell if their career will make a comeback. Even if the album flops in the U.S., at least we know they can make it as Youtube sensations.


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