Is The President Headed To Washington Or Hollywood?

Politics or Hollytics? Presidential candidates have always had their share of celebrity followers: Anne Hathaway and Ben Stiller supported the Clinton Foundation, while Patricia Heaton and Lee Ann Womack were (possibly the only) supporters of Bush. As an American, we all have the right and responsibility to vote, and while it is advised that we declare ourselves as a Democrat, Republican, Independent, or Libertarian, there is a fine line between being a supporter and a friend. Especially now, when the election is right around the corner, there is heated controversy over the fact that celebrities and politicians are mixing business with pleasure, so much so that the President himself is being seen as a celebrity.

Since the days of John F. Kennedy, Presidents and their families have appeared on different talk shows, in celebrity magazines, and even late night comedy shows. While Nixon was seen as “the greatest celebrity President,” the current line between politician and celebrity is beginning to blur. Not only is Michelle Obama being praised for her fashion, but the latest conflict deepened when President Obama agreed to appear on The View. Many are arguing that the President isn’t focusing on vital issues going on right now in The Middle East, and CBS News reports that even celebrity supporters, such as Bruce Springsteen, agree that he isn’t being “a professional campaigner.”

There have been a bunch of celebrities who have shown up for both the Democratic and National Conventions; some even spoke about important issues at them and showed their support for the candidates. According to CBS News, “Ross K. Baker, a political science professor at Rutgers University, said, ‘If they get a celebrity in there, the cameras will follow and what might have been a hidden or invisible issue will suddenly become a matter of public discussion.’” While it is a good thing that celebrities, such as Beyonce “believe in [Obama’s] vision,” he should be more focused on protecting our country than partying it up at the 40/40 club. Obama might lead 50% to Romney’s 47%, but I personally think that Obama’s Hollywood antics are going to cost him more than Governor Romney’s controversial “47%” video.


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