Ke$ha Won’t Be Dying Young

This morning, Ke$ha debuted her new single Die Young,” and I am obsessed! Even my sister who hates Ke$ha’s music loved it after her first time hearing it, so this is obviously a great new song. Some people criticize Ke$ha’s wild party-girl antics, and after many thought she died out after her 2 year hiatus, she is ready to come back with a bang! Her 3rd album Warrior plans to hit the shelves December 3rd, and while it originally had a 2011 debut, Ke$ha told Calgery Herald that she wanted to work on it long enough to “reinvent pop music.” Well it certainly seems like it’s going to be reinvented: while we’re used to hearing party-pop anthems from the singer, this album is going to have more of a rock feel. So while you anticipate the glitter and the glam, sit back, brush your teeth with a bottle of Jack, and check out “Die Young.”


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