McSteamy Breaks Hearts For A Final Time

As if I didn’t die inside enough when Lexi (Chyler Leigh) made a heartbreaking exit from Grey’s Anatomy in the last episode of season 8, Thursday night killed me as well as any other Grey’s fan as we were forced to mourn the loss of McSteamy himself, Mark Sloan (Eric Dane).

Creator Shonda Rhimes explained on her blog yesterday afternoon, “’For me, this [death] is the most tragic. I’m VERY attached to Mark Sloan. He’s part of the fabric of the show.'” And that he is…or was.

Grey’s Anatomy has had its share of devastating deaths over the years, from car crashes to gun shots, but this plane crash has got to be the most dramatic situation Seattle Grace has had to endeavor. It’s rumored that this may be the last season of Grey’s Anatomy, and though my life will feel incomplete once this saga comes to an end, Shonda Rhimes will always be a legend as she always knows how to keep us fans hanging and let her characters go out with a bang.

RIP Mark Sloan


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