Would You Like Some Creamcheese With Your Bagelhead?

Bagelheads by Kokor Hekkus
Bagelheads, a photo by Kokor Hekkus on Flickr.

As A New Yorker, I love bagels…but on my head? No thank you. While Hollywood’s known for their botox, Japan’s got the latest trend: saline forehead injections.

To be a “bagelhead,” people travel from all over the world to have a needle stuck in their forehead. During the 2 hour procedure, saline is injected into the forehead and a lump forms. Once the lump is to the suggested size, a finger is pressed into the forehead to form a “bagel.”

The procedure only lasts 16-24 hours, but for these trendsetters, the pain is a virtue. Beauty might be in the eye of the beholder, but really, what will they think of next?


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