Jonas Fever

Kevin and Dani Jonas have survived the terror…and not that of Hurricane Sandy.

Tonight marks the season finale of E!’s Married to Jonas, where Mrs. Jonas joins the Jonas trio as they come back together and put out one hell of a show at Radio City Music Hall.

It’s been a rocky season for the newlyweds, who have had to deal with car crashes, baby mishaps, and nagging in-laws, but they came out on top for what is bound to be a successful marriage.

First came a beautifully unexpected wedding, then came the whirlwind stardom, and now we can hope Dani gets her happily ever after with a baby.

Fear not Jersey girls, dreams can come true. They did for Danielle DeLeasa, and now she gets to live the fairytale life with her fairytale prince.


Trump Wants Credit For Cash

So we’ve all heard of Donald Trump’s “Major Announcement” to President Barack Obama. And now the President is ready to clear the air.

Last night, when featured on Jay Leno, the President announced that the Trump’s request for his college and passport transcripts in exchange for a charity donation of five million dollars “dates back to when we were growing up together in Kenya,” when the two “had constant run-ins on the soccer field.”

This isn’t the first time the entrepreneur has made requests to the President. Back in 2011, Trump proudly announced that “I’ve accomplished something that nobody else has been able to accomplish,” when the White House released Obama’s “long-form” birth certificate.

Though “the worst President” tried to laugh yesterday’s request off, if he denies these documents, it could cost him a few votes.

Others believe that this is a bribe and that it is unethical to ask the commander-in-chief to release such personal documents. Twitter is blowing up with criticisms of Trump’s “bombshell.”

With the election only days away, this could make or break the President’s reelection. All I know is that Trump may be charitable, but he sure has some big kahunas for trying to call out the Prez.

And the next President of the United States Is…

obama vs. romney by TimeTurnerGirl
obama vs. romney, a photo by TimeTurnerGirl on Flickr.

Well, we’re down to the nitty gritty. After Governor Mitt Romney took home the first debate, President Barack Obama proved he’s still got it last week at Hofstra. The final debate was moderated by Bob Schieffer last evening, and for one of the candidates, it was a best two out of three.

After a bumpy ride filled with domestic and economic issues, last night’s debate tackled foreign policy.

Prior to the debate, Fox News correspondents stated that if Governor Mitt Romney wins the debate, he will take home the election. However, this debate has got to go the President, who was able to declare his past and future plans on relations with the Middle East.

Like always, each candidate brought their strengths as well as their weaknesses. When it came to the war in Iraq, the President proudly restated, “We were able…to liberate a country that had become under the yolk of a dictatorship.” However, Romney counterattacked him, saying, “We can not kill our way out of this mess.”

President Obama then attacked Romney’s plans for the Muslim world to “reject extremism,” calling his sense of leadership “wrong and reckless.” I don’t necessarily believe that his statement was true; I think that Romney has good intentions, but he has no prior experience to back up his ideas. However, I do believe that he was constantly repeating the President’s ideas on how he wants to fix education and government in the Middle East. Throughout the election, Governor Romney disagreed with the President’s foreign policy. Last night, it seemed like he had no ideas of his own, and I think the President was able to take that argument.

While they both agreed that Assad has to be taken out and sanctions need to be tightened, Romney made it clear that “America must be strong. America must lead.” His view is that “America has the responsibility and privilege” to promote principles of peace, but until we focus on building a strong economy, we cannot help our allies. There were times when Obama recognized our inability to nation-build overseas until we rebuild America, but if that has always been his goal, then that should have been done these last four years.

Obama’s plan to rebuild America is to refocus on terrorist attack and neglected alliances. He spoke of a reformed education policy, and a plan to maintain, instead of increase military spending. When Romney through the punch that our military is smaller than it used to be, the President fought back, stating that, “We also have fewer horses and bayonets. It’s not a game of battleship.” He also brought up the auto industry, yet again, saying that we need to make more jobs here and decrease importing.

While Romney closed out with a promise of peace and leadership and to “maintain America as the hope of the Earth,” the President set out his plan to build on our strengths as a nation. As he proudly stated, “We’ve been through tough times. But we always bounce back because of our character.” I do think the President had won this debate, but until the election in two weeks, it is still up in the air.

Pretty Little Couple Alert!

71175549 by Noticias Gomez
71175549, a photo by Noticias Gomez on Flickr.

Well once again, we see that celebrities love mixing business with pleasure.

It’s been reported that PLL star Ashley Benson and her Spring Breakers co-star James Franco are a done deal!

Sources close to Franco report that “They have been seeing each other for a little over a month, but things are going well.”

Let’s hope James keeps his eye on Ashley. We all know the pretty little lying she can do.

Speaking of PLL, tomorrow night marks the 2nd annual Halloween episode on ABC family. Let’s just hope our favorite four keep out of trouble…or A’s way.

Kris Jenner’s Nip Slips Away

Kris Jenner's Nip Slips Away

It’s no secret that Kris Jenner likes attention just as much (if not more) than her daughters, but I don’t think this is the kind that will get her anything more than a few laughs.

Posted on Instagram as a preview to Halloween, Kris Jenner bares all in this Wonder Woman costume, which looks like it should belong to Kendall or Kylie.

If you look closely, you see that this momager is showing more than her superhero powers. Kris Jenner is the newest victim to the nip slip: a powerful, yet embarrassing consequence of wardrobe malfunction.

Towards the end of KUWTK’s seventh season, Kris shows off her recently re-done breasts to her family, begging everyone to take a look. Well here she is, two months later doing just that, but to more people than just her clan.

Hopefully, Kris decides to change her costume before the trick-or-treaters arrive. If not, this might be more of a trick than a treat.

Lea Michele: Knocked Up?

Lea Michele by Gheline Alison Swift
Lea Michele, a photo by Gheline Alison Swift on Flickr.

You know you’ve made it in Hollywood when you’re rumored to be pregnant.

Only two months after going public with their relation, “Finchel” has received their first of many highly-anticipated rumors as Lea Michele stepped out in Studio City, CA with what an appears to be a “baby bump.”

Michele tweeted today, “My first fake pregnancy rumor! I’ve finally made it! :)” And that she has.

Ever since leaving her Broadway days behind and becoming a Hollywood diva overnight, the Glee star has been noted for her extremely petite frame.

Perhaps now that she’s dating Corey Monteith, who is not the typical Hollywood hunk, she’s finally starting to feel secure enough to get back to a normal size. The Huffington Post reports that she might just be “indulging a bit more these days.”

‘Tis the season for celebrity babies, but it looks like this co-star couple won’t be joining mommy-to-be Adele or recent new mommy Drew Barrymore.

Now all she needs is a sex-tape, and Lea will be bigger than Rachel Berry’s ego!

It’s A Boy For Adele!

adele by Trendi2012
adele, a photo by Trendi2012 on Flickr.

People magazine reports that Adele and boyfriend Simon Konecki have welcomed a baby boy.

This is the first baby for the pair, who joins Konecki’s young daughter from his first marriage.

The pair makes sure to keep their PDA on the DL, but I’m sure the first picture of the little guy will be coming out soon.

Maybe this baby will mean wedding bells? Or maybe Adele will have her baby singing the bells instead. Either way, congratulations to the British Beauty!

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Set To Wed!

Well it’s official. After 5 years, 1 breakup, and a JUMBO rock, pop-icon Justin Timberlake and actress Jessica Biel are heading to the alter this weekend in a private location in Italy.

The former N’Sync pop-star is breaking millions of hearts as he becomes officially off the market. But do not fret ladies, if anyone was to take this hunk of the market, we’re glad it’s Jessica Biel. Timberlake once told Vanity Fair that his very-future wife “is the single-handedly most significant person [his] life.”

We wish them the best, but if it doesn’t work out, JT can rebound it our way!

The Hulk Gets Screwed in More Ways Than One

About a month ago, we were shocked to hear (and see) a one-minute leaked clip of Hulk Hogan’s sex tape of him and a (very young) friend’s wife.

After pointing fingers and suing Bubba the Love Sponge and wife Heather Clem for “secretly” filming the deed, there are now statements coming out that the Hulk could have released this himself.

His former friend calls the retired wrestler “self-centered,” and not denying that he could have leaked this to anyone.

However it got out, no one cares. As long as we don’t have to see him in his birthday suit again, then we can let the man live in peace.

Megan Fox & Brian Austin Green Welcome A Baby Boy…A Month Later?

Turns out that their pregnancy wasn’t the only thing they wanted to keep under raps.

A month after giving birth, leaks have been made about the couple lovin’ their new baby boy.

Statements on the name have yet to be made, but I’m sure these two bombshells made one hell of a baby.

Hopefully, he doesn’t have mommy’s thumbs!