Breaking Amish or English Hoax?

TLC is the channel to watch, with hit shows like Here Comes Honey Boo boo and Long Island Medium. Add to the mix 4 Amish and 1 Mennonite leaving their families behind to move to NYC and you’ve got DRAMA!

From episode 1, Breaking Amish has succeeded in yanking the sympathy from its channeled audience. We laugh, we cry, and we’re excited for these young adults making their way through the city. However, a new emotion is coming out of the TV as rumors stir that Breaking Amish is a hoax.

On Z100 this morning, a girl called in and said her boyfriend grew up with Kate, who apparently hasn’t been Amish since she was 16. Also, on this week’s episode, the crew walked in the bar and was asked to show ID. My question is, if they lived Amish their whole lives and never traveled before now, how did they get ID’s?

At first I thought this show was incredible, and though it is very entertaining, I’m thinking more and more that this is all a load of garbage. I don’t know much about the Amish, but it seems like they shouldn’t be adjusting to “English” life as easily as they are. I’m sure eventually the truth will seep through, but for now, we just have to watch as Krazy Kate and Gang take the city by charge…or get charged.


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