Trouble In Idol Paradise?

And the saga continues as season 12 of American Idol begins.

This year’s judges together make up all the components of a great singer: with Keith Urban’s background in country, Nicki’s hip-hop skills, and Mariah’s sky-rocketing belt, the contestants should be able to reach their greatest potential in whatever genre’ they specialize in. However, it looks like Mariah and Nicki aren’t starting off on the right foot.

I think Randy, Stephen, and J.Lo were a perfect match for the past 2 seasons. Their chemistry was so strong that hopefully their leaving of the show doesn’t cause an imbalance in what has been a fantastic and successful show for the past eight years.

I hope for the sake of the contestants that the lady judges work out their issues. After all, we don’t need a cat fight when a record deal and a superstar in the making is on the line. Plus, I think Nicki could take Mariah any day.


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