Props For Potes

chipotle @ sunset by firas_alshareef
chipotle @ sunset, a photo by firas_alshareef on Flickr.

Close your eyes and envision a burrito bowl filled with cilantro-lime white rice, juicy and seasoned chicken, hearty black beans, and a scoop of creamy, home-made guacamole. Now open them up and feast your eyes on your delicious, Chipotle creation. This is a place I love. This is a place I need.

It’s noon on a Friday afternoon and you pull into the Chipotle parking lot. Cars are everywhere; it’s lunch time for all the business men and women who have patiently waited in their cubicles since 9am.

You walk in and don’t even roll your eyes at the fact that the line is wrapped around the store. You see person after person order their meals and one by one watch the enthusiastic employees fill the customers’ bowls and burritos with various vegetables and sauces.

Once it’s your turn to place your order, your mouth begins to water. So much so, that you can hardly name your next ingredient without drooling all over the counter. By the time your masterpiece reaches the register, you fumble out your money as soon as you can, grab the food, and run to whatever table isn’t occupied.

As you go to take your very first bite, you close your eyes and savor every single flavor. With each bite comes more dopamine flowing through your system, and you eat and you eat, with little time or need to speak. After what seems like no time at all, you feel like you’re about to burst at the seams, but your plate is empty, and you just successfully completed another Chipotle feast.

Chipotle is an all-around feel-good experience, and even when you’re so full you think you’re going to be sick, you cannot wait until your next burrito bowl. This is a place I love.


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