Lea Michele: Knocked Up?

Lea Michele by Gheline Alison Swift
Lea Michele, a photo by Gheline Alison Swift on Flickr.

You know you’ve made it in Hollywood when you’re rumored to be pregnant.

Only two months after going public with their relation, “Finchel” has received their first of many highly-anticipated rumors as Lea Michele stepped out in Studio City, CA with what an appears to be a “baby bump.”

Michele tweeted today, “My first fake pregnancy rumor! I’ve finally made it! :)” And that she has.

Ever since leaving her Broadway days behind and becoming a Hollywood diva overnight, the Glee star has been noted for her extremely petite frame.

Perhaps now that she’s dating Corey Monteith, who is not the typical Hollywood hunk, she’s finally starting to feel secure enough to get back to a normal size. The Huffington Post reports that she might just be “indulging a bit more these days.”

‘Tis the season for celebrity babies, but it looks like this co-star couple won’t be joining mommy-to-be Adele or recent new mommy Drew Barrymore.

Now all she needs is a sex-tape, and Lea will be bigger than Rachel Berry’s ego!


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