Sandy’s Effects In Nassau County

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So Monday right before the storm got bad, my friends and I decided to drive out to the North Shore and go “storm chasing.” Throughout Huntington and Cold Spring Harbor, we didn’t see more than high tide and some coastal flooding. The winds at that point were gusting at about 50 mph.

The next day I drove around with my dad and found that many houses surrounding my neighborhood in Hicksville, Plainview, and Bethpage, experienced severe damage from trees. Some houses were crushed, and my one neighbor had their entire car totaled by a tree.

This was only some of the damage I witnessed in Nassau County. Thousands of people are without power and the devastation throughout the rest of the island, specifically the South Shore was overwhelming. Throughout LI, gas stations are struggling to keep up with the masses. People are spending hours a day waiting on lines and prices have gone up to $4.09. Off my block alone, the gas line is over a mile long.

The wrath of Sandy continues, and without heat or power, it’s difficult to get back into the daily routine. All we can do is lend a hand to those in need and have faith that this will all be over soon.

“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”
– Christopher Columbus


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