Jelena DUNZO!

Looks like JB fans won’t need to buy his sex doll, because now they can get THE REAL THING.

That’s right ladies, the Biebs is currently on the market.

While celebrity breakup rumors happen more than they change their underwear, we all could have seen this coming.

First of all, Selena is nearly two years older than the “Never Say Never” singer, who only became legal eight months ago!

Secondly, their both MEGA pop-stars who obviously have crazy, clashing schedules. AKA it might have been a good run, but it was never bound to last.

While Jelena’s relationship has been made public for a while now (they’ve made it clear that they are not afraid of some PDA), it looks like trust issues are what made Selena pull the plug last week.

Either way, they’re both going to find love again. While they won’t be lovin’ eachother “like a love song,” anymore, we will always remember them as Jelena, the little pop couple who didn’t live happily ever after.


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