Rihanna is “Unapologetic”

Rihanna - Unapologetic

Nicki isn’t the only one celebrating an album release today.

Her “Fly” co-singer Rihanna is preparing for her globe-trotting tour as her seventh album, “Unapologetic” comes out today.

This album features duos with familiar artists, like Eminem, as well as her buzz worthy ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown.

While “Diamonds” has been playing throughout radio stations for the past few months, her track with Chris, “Nobody’s Business” will be sure to stir some controversy.

After spotting them together at recent events and seeing his “Real Chris Brown” video, we’re not sure if they are on or off. But it’s a sure thing that they are making sweet love music together once again.

Rihanna has been making hits since her “Pon de Replay” days back in 2005, but it will be her seventh album that is bound to be her strongest, thus far.

Rihanna has been through hell and back since her last album. But I’m sure with this album she’ll hit the Billboard charts yet again, proving that she can always come back fighting, unapologetically.


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