Gangnam Style #1


Since South Korean rapper Psy released his hit single “Gangnam Style” in July, the video has gone absolutely viral.

From radio stations to school gymnasiums, people everywhere hear the beat and immediately break into the infamous horsey dance.

The song’s popularity has been made clear throughout the country, and whether people love it or hate it, they have been helping Psy rack up the views on Youtube.

While Justin Bieber’s “Baby” has been the number-one ranked song since its February 2010 release, “Gangnam Style” has now taken over, with 805 million views.

But Beliebers needn’t worry; rumor is that Bieber’s manager, Scooter Braun, who recently signed Psy, will be bringing the two together.

He told the New York Times last month that “an English-language track may be their first collaboration.” So expect to see the Canadian-American pop sensation and the Korean rapper hook fans up with a smash hit to ring in the new year.

I bet Psy celebrated his achievement with a big ol’ horsey dance, and if you can’t beat him (Justin Bieber,) might as well join him!


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