Kim Kardashian Finally Gets Her Happily Ever After

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West

The world was ecstatic when it was announced that Kim Kardashian was dating rapper Kanye West back in March. After a year of heartbreak and drama with ex Kris Humphries, Kim had almost given up on love. But it’s a good thing she didn’t…BECAUSE SHE’S NOW EXPECTING!

Though her divorce with Humphries still isn’t finalized, Kim has happily moved on with her life.

The news was announced at one of Kanye’s shows Sunday evening and the crowd went crazy when he gave a shout out to his “baby  mom.”

While the couple hasn’t made any statements, Twitter is filled with congratulations and love.

Sister and mother of two Kourtney tweeted,

Friend LaLa Anthony also publicized her excitement, saying,

While Kim’s other 1/3 of the Kardashian trio, Khloe, tweeted nothing but joy for her sister and West, we’ve got to think there might be some disappointment that it is her sister, and not her who is pregnant.

Throughout the past two years, we’ve seen Khloe struggle to get pregnant with husband, Lamar. Now that sister Kourtney has two beautiful babies and Kim’s got one on the way, we can’t help but be sad for Khloe.

However, Kim Kardashian is the perfect reminder that “that that that that don’t kill me, will only make me stronger.”

According to TMZ, the reality star is twelve weeks along. Congrats Kimye!


The McConaugheys’ Welcome Another

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves

Camila Alves and Matthew McConaughey received the best holiday gift this year, as they welcomed their third baby together, and their first as a married couple.

The baby was born in Austin, Texas on Friday, says a source.

The two wed in Austin earlier in June, where guests got to enjoy a weekend of  “glamorous” camping.

Congrats to the couple and two siblings Levi, 4, and Vida, 3. Looks like 3 isn’t a crowd, afterall!

Adele Trademarks Herself?


8-time Grammy award winning Adele is known for living in privacy. She now wants to make sure it’s more than her PDA that’s off the market.

According to The Sun, Adele has filed an application with the UK’s Intellectual Property Office to put a trademark on her name.

The paper says that a source confirmed, “She doesn’t want anyone exploiting her name by using it on products which may trick punters into thinking she’s involved with it.”

Makes sense…except for the fact that in doing this she forgot “to register her son within 42 days of his birth.”

She now faces a fine of $1,612. The name of her son has still not been released.

Jessica Simpson Pregnant With Baby #2!

Jessica Simpson

A mere seven months after giving birth to daughter Maxwell, Jessica Simpson and fiancé Eric Johnson are expecting another bun in the oven.

There has been recent speculation over the pop star’s pregnancy, but it wasn’t until Christmas Day when the couple made the big announcement via their daughter on Twitter.

Simpson, who lost 50 pounds since becoming the spokeswoman of Weight Watchers, has decided to step away from the program until further notice.

“After she gives birth, Jessica and her doctor will decide when she may resume following the Weight Watchers program,” they said in a statement.

Looks like Santa was good to the Simpson-Johnson clan this year, blessing them with not one, but two pregnancies. Now we have to wonder if ex Nick Lachey and wife Vanessa Minillo will be getting busy yet again for some friendly rivalry.

Kelly Clarkson: Engaged At Last!

We think it’s safe to say that Kelly Clarkson has been waiting for “a moment like this” for quite some time.

She announced on Twitter the other day that her and boyfriend of a year, Brandon Blackstock, will be tying the knot.

She even posted a picture of the rock, which is B-E-A-UTIFUL!

Clarkson, who was season one’s winner of American Idol back in 2003, just released a greatest hits album in November.

Clarkson is only thirty years old, but there is no doubt that there will be more great hits to come…including this wedding!

We can believe it’s happening to you Kelly. Congrats!

Time For the Sexiest Baby Alive


As if 2012 wasn’t already a year of accomplishments, Channing Tatum’s great year has just got greater.

It has been confirmed that the Magic Mike hottie and wife Jenna Dewan will be expecting their first child.

Mrs. Dewan-Tatum’s pregnancy was speculated since Sunday, when she was seen on the Vh1 Diva’s red carpet rocking the baby bump.

Just last month, Channing Tatum told People, “I’m ready; I think she’s ready.” 

And now their readiness will be put to the test. The actor will be taking time away from the big screen to work on his role as a director, and more importantly, a father.

Congratulations you two! Looks like this baby’s going to inherit nothing but sexy.

Perfume So Good, You Can Eat

I don't want to brag but I feel like I can accomplish Pizza Hut perfume's scent naturally #

Pizza fans, beware! This scent could cause cannibalism.

Pizza Hut Canada has released a limited edition perfume which smells of “freshly baked, hand-tossed dough.”

There have been 110 bottles of Eau de Pizza Hut put on the market, with no current plans to sell the product “en masse.”

While the thought of smelling like a pizza may seem unappealing to some, consumers have been eager to get their hands on the fragrance. According to a news release, over 100,000 people have checked out the page on Facebook.

Pizza Hut follows the lead of Burger King, who in 2008 retailed a “meat-flavored body spray,” Flame, by BK.

This sounds innovative and all, but why pay for a pizza perfume when you can work at a pizzeria and smell like it for free?

Doggie Heaven Welcomes a Celebrity

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has always had a love for her dogs, once tweeting that they are better friends to her than humans.

She is constantly tweeting pictures of her babies, but yesterday she sent a tweet that was not one of joy.

She later tweeted that she found “no good reason to get out of bed,” and was going to lay-low while she mourns the loss of her pooch.

Lila was hospitalized in October, but as of right now, her cause of death is unknown.

Hopefully one of Miley’s other five dogs can raise her spirits in this time of sorrow; if not, I’m sure fiancé Liam Hemsworth will give his shoulder to cry on.

Legos for Adults!

Hermes Birkin Bag Made of Lego

For all you gals who think you can’t afford a Birkin bag, or think you’re too old to play with Legos, think again!

Etsy has taken their creativity to a whole other level as they just released a replica of the Hermès handbag made entirely out of brand new Legos!

You’re probably wondering how you could possibly use a bag made out of Legos, but the inventors made sure it is “fully-functional” and “designed for everyday use.”

It has all the qualities of a real Birkin, but instead of paying up to $15,000, you can get this custom-made creation for only $400!

The bag comes in black, or custom-made in white, yellow, red, blue, and light or dark grey. The custom-making takes about 21 days, but they all come with a dust bag to keep safe.

Whether or not you own a real Birkin, this is probably the most worthy bag you’ll ever own.

As of right now, the tribute Birkin is sold out, but if you’re still interested after the holidays, check out Agabag for this Lego masterpiece. Leggo!

Arthur George Hits Neiman Marcus

2011.03.19 - Rob Kardashian @ Stingaree

Rob Kardashian finally has something he can be proud of!

After his very public breakdown on KUWTK in August, where he admitted to feeling inferior to his successful sisters, Rob has finally stepped into his own entrepreneurial shoes.

Though it’s a bit different than the typical manufactures the Kardashian gals are known for, the launch of Arthur George socks is what Rob calls his passion.

The Egyptian cotton collection comes in a flourish of colors and fun designs, which you can purchase at a Neiman Marcus retailer for $30 a pair!

Though it seems a bit pricy for feet warmers, with every pair comes a donated pair to the Family Emergency Shelter Coalition.

A  financial rebound from ex-girlfriend Rita Ora may be just what Rob needed to get back on track. We can only wish him all the success in the world!  (or at least the success his sister’s haven’t called their own yet.)