Kate And Will Add To Their Royal Clan

Prince William and Catherine Middleton visit Anglesey

Baby bliss for Prince William and Princess Catherine!

It has just been announced that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will be expecting their first child, who is bound to take the world’s most eligible bachelor, Prince Harry’s spot and be “in direct succession to the throne.”

News emerged as Kate was recently hospitalized, due to a condition called hyperemesis gravidarum.

This severe morning sickness prevents the expectant mother from keeping any food or liquid down, and can be potentially dangerous to both the mother and the baby.

Nurses are monitoring the Duchess ’round the clock for the next few days, providing her with plenty of fluids during her stay.

A spokeswoman for Britain’s Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists said in a statement, “The condition usually subsides by week 12 of the pregnancy and with early diagnosis and treatment, there is no reason why we shouldn’t expect a healthy pregnancy.”

Phew! What a relief that is!

Though the gender or the due date has not been announced, St. James’ palace made a statement that Kate was “in the very early stages,” possibly within her first twelve weeks. That explains the hospital’s diagnosis, which usually affects about one in every 200 pregnant women.

The palace also reported that despite the bump in the road, “The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Harry and members of both families are delighted with the news.” This pregnancy has been anxiously awaited by all since their wedding last April. After all, William’s late mother, Princess Diana, was pregnant with him “just four months after her wedding to Prince Charles in 1981.”

Like Kate, she also reported morning sickness for months and often complained about the media’s constant fixation on her stomach.

While Kate and Will try to keep their life as private as possible, Kate has never shied away from the public.

Just days before the hospitalization, she was photographed playing field hockey with students of her alma mater, St. Andrew’s University.

The hospital reports the Duchess should be heading home in a few days. She will no doubt be stepping out to more media frenzy than ever before, but is mandated bed rest for a while to monitor her condition.

Now that the scare is over, we can be reassured that this will be the world’s most popular, and perfect baby. The pregnancy alone is trending worldwide, so let’s wish Kate well wishes, and give it up for the couple and their future royal baby. Cheerio!

Kate Middleton Podcast


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