Rob K. Gets A Taste of His Own Medicine


What goes around comes around…especially in Hollywood.

Two years after Rob Kardashian cheated on then-girlfriend, Adrienne Bailon, it was announced that long-time friend and girlfriend of a little over a month, Rita Ora, cheated on him with 20 guys!

Rob sent out this controversial tweet yesterday: “She cheated on me with nearly than 20 dudes while we were together, I wonder how many she will sleep with now that we apart? But I mean 20?!!!”

While Ora’s name was never mentioned in the now removed series of tweets, he also added, “How can a woman who is so busy trying to start her own career have time to be with so many dudes all while in a relationship?!”

Rob’s sister Khloe made sure to comfort her baby brother. She also sent out a tweet, saying, “Cheaters never prosper…try and smile little brother.”

Comments have not yet been made from Rita Ora’s rep, but it looks like she thinks the only way to make it in this town is to sleep around. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if she was right or wrong.


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