Arthur George Hits Neiman Marcus

2011.03.19 - Rob Kardashian @ Stingaree

Rob Kardashian finally has something he can be proud of!

After his very public breakdown on KUWTK in August, where he admitted to feeling inferior to his successful sisters, Rob has finally stepped into his own entrepreneurial shoes.

Though it’s a bit different than the typical manufactures the Kardashian gals are known for, the launch of Arthur George socks is what Rob calls his passion.

The Egyptian cotton collection comes in a flourish of colors and fun designs, which you can purchase at a Neiman Marcus retailer for $30 a pair!

Though it seems a bit pricy for feet warmers, with every pair comes a donated pair to the Family Emergency Shelter Coalition.

A  financial rebound from ex-girlfriend Rita Ora may be just what Rob needed to get back on track. We can only wish him all the success in the world!  (or at least the success his sister’s haven’t called their own yet.)


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