Legos for Adults!

Hermes Birkin Bag Made of Lego

For all you gals who think you can’t afford a Birkin bag, or think you’re too old to play with Legos, think again!

Etsy has taken their creativity to a whole other level as they just released a replica of the Hermès handbag made entirely out of brand new Legos!

You’re probably wondering how you could possibly use a bag made out of Legos, but the inventors made sure it is “fully-functional” and “designed for everyday use.”

It has all the qualities of a real Birkin, but instead of paying up to $15,000, you can get this custom-made creation for only $400!

The bag comes in black, or custom-made in white, yellow, red, blue, and light or dark grey. The custom-making takes about 21 days, but they all come with a dust bag to keep safe.

Whether or not you own a real Birkin, this is probably the most worthy bag you’ll ever own.

As of right now, the tribute Birkin is sold out, but if you’re still interested after the holidays, check out Agabag for this Lego masterpiece. Leggo!


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