The Road Ends For Britney Bitch


Oops, X-factor did it again. L.A. Reid has already made a public departure from the hit Fox show, but it has now been announced that Britney Spears is also stepping down from the judging table.

While reports say she quit before Simon Cowell could fire her, an 18% decrease in ratings from Season one shows that her boss wasn’t the only one disappointed with her performance.

On the season finale of X-factor, a montage was played which displayed Britney’s “funny” faces throughout the show. However, her lack of constructive criticisms made her the judge viewers liked the least.

For $15 million, we expect a mentor to give their talent the best of the best. And while her mentee Carly Rose made it to the top two, we can assume it was her out of this world pipes, not Britney’s advice that got her that far.

Britney Spears was once the princess of pop, but after years of ups and downs we think she is starting to lose some of her swag. Maybe all she needs is to settle down and play mommy for a while. Trust us Brit, you don’t need the money. You’ll survive outside the public eye.


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