Charlie Brown Isn’t A Good Man After all

Charlie Brown Christmas

The voice of the famous cartoon character Charlie Brown was arrested Sunday for stalking and threatening his ex-girlfriend.

56-year old Peter Robbins repeatedly called his former girlfriend 37 times in 24 hours, threatening to kill her and her son if she didn’t return his dog and car.

He also threatened the plastic surgeon who performed a breast enhancement on his ex, (which he paid for!) demanding a refund for the surgery.

The La Jolla surgeon feared her life so much so that she temporarily moved to a hotel!

Robbins plead not guilty to two counts of stalking and ten counts of making criminal threats yesterday in San Diego Superior Court.

While he has no previous record, the former voice actor could face up to nine years in prison, if found guilty.

Defense attorney Marc S. Kohnen calls Robbins a little “eccentric,” but claims that “He’s not a threat to society.”

The “Peanuts” shows could be over, but if Robbins is found guilty, America’s holidays will never be the same.


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