Jason Segel and Michelle Williams SPLIT!

Michelle Williams, Matilda Rose LedgerJason Segel

After a year together, funnyman Jason Segel and Oz The Great and Powerful actress Michelle Williams have called it quits earlier this month.

A source reported to People that the two couldn’t keep up with the long distance.

While Segel films How I Met Your Mother in L.A., Williams and daughter Matilda (with the late Heath Ledger) reside in New York City.

Sources say the couple’s break was mutual, telling Us Weekly, “It’s a sad moment. They respect each other.”

While some would celebrate that these two Hollywood hotties are once again on the market, we can’t help but be sad that little Matilda lost another father figure. Hopefully Williams can find her Prince Charming someday soon.


Bobby Brown sentenced to 55 days in jail!

Bobby Brown @ Sound Board, MotorCity Casino and Hotel, Detroit, Michigan - 01-31-13

When will Bobby Brown learn? Alcohol is not his friend.

The ex-husband of the late singer Whitney Houston, has been sentenced to 55 days in jail and four years of probation after his October 24th drunk driving arrest.

He will also attend mandatory three day-a-week Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, as well as take part in an 18-month alcohol treatment program.

This isn’t the first arrest for Brown. He was charged for a DUI in Florida back in 1996, as well as a DUI arrest in March.

Brown is infamously known for tainting Whitney Houston’s image, and getting her involved in drugs and alcohol. Together they fathered 19-year old Bobbi Kristina, who was recently spotted smoking a joint with ex-fiance’ Nick Gordon.

Someone needs to perform a family intervention; Bobby Brown may be a bad seed, but we don’t want to see anyone else go down the fatal path Whitney Houston chose.

Kanye Disses Jay-Z!

Kanye West @ Nokia Theatre

So much for being boys. Kanye West decided to make his dislike of Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake’s new single public at a recent show in London. He told the crowd,

“I got love for Hov, but I ain’t f–king with that ‘Suit & Tie.'”

He then continued to rant about his disgust in the music industry, saying,

“Can you remind me again why we in this sh-t? Since when [is] making music about getting rich? Since when was making art about getting rich?…Remind me again why we in this sh-t. Remind me again why the Grammys couldn’t suck my d-ck.”

Kanye may not be feelin’ “Suit & Tie,” but fans certainly are. The “Legends of the Summer” tour will hit 12 spots this summer where you can be a VIP for one night only.

So start saving; tickets go on sale everywhere but New York February 28th.

Bond Is Back…With His Wife!

Golden Globes 2013 - Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz

No, it’s not another James Bond movie. If you’re dying to take a look into Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz’s bedroom, you can see it LIVE ON STAGE!

The two are in talks to star together in Harold Pinter’s Betrayal on Broadway. Weisz tells E!’s Mark Malkin“We’re absolutely hoping to…We’re in negotiations.”

This would be Weisz’s Broadway debut, while hubby Craig will be returning from his 2009 hiatus after he co-starred with Hugh Jackman in “A Steady Rain.”

“When you do films, you film little bits off and out of order, so it’s just a different kind of feeling…[On Broadway,] You get to tell the story and it’s live, so it’s very exciting. I’m getting nervous talking about it, actually,” Weisz told the Daily Mail.

The show may be up in the air, but the star’s new film Oz The Great and Powerful hits theaters March 8.

RiRi and C.Brown Are Now Producers?


Just coincidence? We don’t think so.

The upcoming Law and Order:SVU episode strangely resembles the infamous relationship between Rihanna and Chris Brown, including their 2008 domestic abuse incident.

The “Funny Valentine” episode’s description reads, “A promising singer is brutally attacked by her boyfriend, a popular hip-hop star…but the victim refuses to aid the prosecution and…continues to put herself in danger.”

 The ending might not be the same (there’s a brutal twist,) but this plotline sure does sound familiar. Think the two will be up for an Emmy for “Inspired Characters?” Take a look and see for yourself.

The Great And Powerful Is “Almost Home”

Excited for “Oz The Great and Powerful?” You should be even more excited for Mariah Carey’s new hit single “Almost Home” which was leaked today.

The singer and American Idol judge hasn’t made sweet music in quite some time, but her pipes are finally getting some good use in the film, which hits theaters March 8th.

If you’ve missed Mimi, be sure to check out her new jam!

Fergie’s Got A Lovely Baby Bump!

Fergie & Josh Duhamel

No rumors this time; Josh Duhamel and Fergie are finally expecting their first child!

The Black Eyed Peas singer tweeted today,

“Josh & Me & BABY makes three!!! #mylovelybabybump”

Just this weekend, Duhamel’s latest romantic film Safe Haven hit theaters. And boy does he have good timing! This has got to be the most romantic (late) Valentine’s Day ever!

Fergie recently said that, “We’ll be happy when it happens. It’s not really in our hands but trying is great for our relationship.”

Well it’s happening! Better get that nursery ready!

Mother Monster Cancels Tour!

Lady GaGa

After what she thought would be just a minor injury, Lady Gaga has cancelled the rest of her “Born This Way Ball” tour.

Her rep told People, “After additional tests this morning to review the severity of the issue, it has been determined that Lady Gaga has a labral tear of the right hip.”

The star tried to reschedule the tour dates, but with such bad pain and the need for surgery, she had no choice but to apologize to her “monsters” and put her health first.

She recently posted an apology on her Facebook page, telling fans, “It is nearly impossible for me to forgive myself.”

Refunds will be available on Thursday.

Get well soon, Mother Monster. All things happen for a reason; we’re sure she’ll make a killer comeback.

Evan Rachel Wood is NOT a Happy Camper

Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood is already stepping into her mommy shoes…to defend her unborn child!

After finding out the paps took a picture of her and hubby Jamie Bell’s ultrasound, Wood let her anger out by sending multiple tweets, including,

“Thats my child. Its not even out of the womb and they are snapping photos of it…People have no hearts.”

She also added that she had never been so violated, especially over something that should be “so sacred.”

The actress pointed out that she was on the roof of a hospital parking garage when the photo was taken, so the paparazzi took advantage of a place that is supposed to be safe.

After cooling off a bit, she politely asked Mail Online to remove the photos, saying, “there are private medical records, and its an invasion.”

Paparazzi following you around 24/7 is bad enough; we couldn’t even imagine having our womb be violated.

Work those hormones Evan Rachel Wood; you have the mommy gene down pat.