Mary-Kate Olsen Turns Down Marriage Proposal!

olivier sarkozy & mary kate-emmagem

Poor Olivier Sarkozy; little did he know his beautiful french baguette would turn down his marriage proposal…and his $350 k engagement ring!

According to Star, 26-year old Mary-Kate Olsen told her boyfriend of a year that, while she’s head over heels for the French mogul, she’s just too young to settle down.

While MK wanted to give back the 12-karat rock, a source tells the magazine, “He insisted she keep it and they are calling it a promise ring.”

Does this mean the wedding bells will ring soon?

According to GossipCop, a source told them that “Not only did Mary-Kate not turn Oliver down, there was never any ring to begin.”

MK may be 2 minutes older than Ashley, but if the story is true, the younger Olsen twin may just happen to walk down the aisle first.

Looks like this is just one more of the Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen adventures. Stay tuned.


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