Tate Stevens: Holler If You’re With Me

X Factor Season 2 - Tate Stevens

Not only did Tate Stevens win Season 2 of X-factor, which included a $5 million contract with Syco Music/ RCA Nashville and a whole new “Tate nation,” but his first single is going to debut during the Grammy’s! Talk about a dream come true!

Tate’s song “Holler if You’re With Me” will air on a Pepsi commercial tonight and it could be the start of something great.

His first album was just completed on February 5th, and who knows, maybe he’ll be nominated for the 56th annual Grammy’s next year!

Looks like Grammy or no Grammy, Stevens is already feeling like a million five million bucks! He tweeted earlier today,

Seas0n one’s X-factor winner Melanie Amaro was also featured in a Pepsi commercial, which aired during the Superbowl last year.

Whether you’re a part of Tate nation or not, you’re going to love this new country tune. Now, “Holler if you’re with me!”


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