Stranger steals Breaking Bad script!

Bryan Cranston

Fans: beware the spoilers!

Word is that a man has been arrested for breaking into Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston’s car and stole a brown bag containing some personal property, an ipad, and a script for the final season!

29-year old Xavier McAfee was taken into custody Friday on suspicion of burglary breaking into the actor’s white Audi back in December.

Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department’s Aaron Williamson says that Cranston “had driven up [to Albuquerque] and parked his car and walked out to the lookout to take in the views of the city. He was only gone for 10 minutes and realized his car…[had] been broken into.”

A confidential informant told the police that he had known of an individual in possession of a Breaking Bad script, and the man was looking to sell the iPad.

No details of the script have been revealed: it could contain a scene, or even the whole season, but Williamson knows that the crew is “trying to keep tight wraps on this final season and how it is going to end.”

The final season of Breaking Bad will premiere this summer with or without the stolen script. Yeahhh bitch!


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