Kim Kardashian FINALLY divorced!

Kris Humphries, New Jersey NetsKim Kardashian

After what seems like an eternity (but was only about a year and a half,) Kim Kardashian is officially a single woman! An L.A. judge finally finalized her divorce from Brooklyn Nets player Kris Humphries this afternoon.

And while the 72 day marriage caused more havoc than happiness, the 536 day battle proved worthy when Kris was granted no money, no annulment, and ultimately no Kim. He originally asked for $7 mil from the E! star before accusing her of fraud. What a guy.

The one thing Humphries should be happy about is he didn’t receive a fine for not showing up to court last week. See Kris, Kim has a heart after all.

Now we can breathe a sigh of relief that Kimye can live happily ever after, baby and all. And who knows? Maybe wedding bells will ring some day for the happy couple…and hopefully this time it will be the last time!


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