Paula Deen breaks down

Paula Deen

After a series of cancelled appearances, Paula Deen finally faced her fears as she appeared on the Today show Wednesday morning.

The southern cook told Matt Lauer, “I believe that every one of God’s creatures was created equal, no matter what church you go to pray. I believe that everyone should be treated equal, and that’s the way I was raised.”

Deen, who was kicked off the Food Network and could be losing her deal with QVC over racial slurs set the story straight when Lauer asked her if she was a racist: “No, I’m not,” she answered.

Her sons, Jamie and Bobby defended their mother Tuesday night on CNN. In a statement, Bobby said, “Our mother is one of the most compassionate, good-hearted, empathetic people that you’d ever meet.” “These accusations are very hurtful to her, and it’s very sad.”

So will the Paula Deen empire crumble or will her fans continue to back her up? We guess it’s all a waiting game.


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