Ryan Seacrest to host ‘Million Second Quiz’

Visitor: Ryan Seacrest (Archive)

Now it’s official: we don’t know anyone who works harder than Ryan Seacrest.

The TV host, radio deejay, and executive producer has recently announced that he will host NBC’s 24-hour live competition series, which will involve “battling one another as they test the limits of their knowledge, endurance and will to win.”

NBC’s Paul Telegdy said in a statement: “When people see Ryan Seacrest, whether at the Emmys, the Oscars or New Year’s Eve, he is at the epicenter of national events.”  “He is a broadcaster, in all the traditional sense, but also in the most contemporary — he is an accomplished host of live TV and a master of social media and pop culture. This makes him perfect for The Million Second Quiz.”

Seacrest added, “I’m so excited to be hosting this new live game show on NBC, as it’s really a fun and different format that I believe will generate lots of fans across different platforms.”

The show will air September 9th.


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