Robin Williams Dead At 63

DEAUVILLE FESTIVAL: THE ACTOR ROBIN WILLIAMSThe news has spread like wildfire that actor and comedian Robin WIlliams was found dead at his California home this afternoon at the age of 63.

This is devastating to anyone who was a fan of the Oscar winner, who for decades has graced the screen and stage with his naturally loving presence and impeccable comedic timing.

It’s been confirmed that the cause of death was hanging by a belt. The actor had also slit his wrists prior to his death.

According to sources, Williams suffered from severe depression. Throughout his career, he struggled with addiction and recently caused viral frenzy when he recently with a fan at a Dairy Queen nearby a rehabilitation clinic he had allegedly attended.

Robin Williams was one of the greats of his generation, captivating audiences of all ages. I personally was most captivated by his transformations into an animated genie in Aladdin, the infamous Euphegenia Doubtfire, and the adventurous Alan Parrish in Jumanji.

To the natural eye, Robin Williams looked like he had it all. But behind the curtain, there were demons he could not conquer. His final post on Instagram was a tribute to his daughter Zelda, two weeks ago, on her 25th birthday.

As his family asks for privacy in what his wife Susan Schneider refers to as a “time of profound grief,” Robin Williams will be remembered as a leader in the industry of comedy. So let us know: what was your favorite Robin Williams role of all time?


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